Warranty of Services
We endeavor to provide good value accommodations commensurable with the class & standard for budget hotels in Singapore.

Terms of Warranty
We have a standing Money Back Guarantee. We undertake to refund the same day's rate charged (i.e. paid by guest) should
guest find our service/room unsatisfactory.

Room rates stated in our website are indicative only, applicable off-peak season. Rates committed in our email replies
(for confirmation of room reservation) will definitely be honoured. Room rates for peak periods may vary from day to day.
Payment Processing We accept CASH, VISA, MASTERCARD & NETS payments (personal or corporate cheques/checks
will not be accepted).

Payment Terms
Room rates must be paid full in advance at the point of check in. Guest may request that the Hotel execute a credit authorization
for amount in excess of the likely period of stay so that the full amount will only be charged upon check out.

Contracted Period of Stay
The hotel is obligated to extend guest's stay if the room/s are prepaid (ie paid in advance) at the point of check in.
Otherwise, extension of stay is subjected to room availability.

Period of Stay
We accept CASH, VISA, MASTERCARD & NETS payments.

Cancellation of Reservation/s
Confirmed reservations may be cancelled (without penalty), if notice is given 3 working days before date of check in.

Confirmation of Reservation
We will endeavor to confirm any reservation request within 3 working days via email.

We welcome and value all feedback. You may communicate with us through
Tel: +65 6345 2233, Fax: +65 62989228, Email: customer_care@vhotel.sg

V Hotel Lavender is proud to be a Building & Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark (GoldPlus) certified building.